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Windy City Chapter


"Windy City Chapter  313.098" of the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association. 

Constitution and By-Laws:

Adopted; 30 January 2001



1.01 NAME. The name of this organization shall be the Windy City Chapter of the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association.

1.02 DEFINITIONS. The term “Chapter”, as used herein, shall mean Windy City Chapter of the Naval Reserve Association.      The term “NERA”, as used herein, shall mean the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association.

1.03 PURPOSE. The purpose of the Chapter shall be to promote and maintain, in the best interests of National Defense, by concerted mutual effort, career service in the United States Naval Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve and Coast Guard Reserve and to further promote the aims of NERA.

1.04 PRINCIPLE OFFICE. The address of the principle office of the Chapter shall be:
   NERA, Windy City Chapter 313.098

P.O. Box 4562, Rockford, IL  61110      

The above address may be changed by the Executive Council



2.01 ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP. All active members of the NERA are eligible for active membership in this Chapter.
2.02 LIFE MEMBERSHIP. All life members of NERA are eligible for life membership in this Chapter.
2.03 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. All associate members of NERA are eligible for membership in this Chapter.



3.01 MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS. The Chapter shall consist of no less than twenty (20) members in good standing. If, on the anniversary of the Chapter, the membership is below the minimum, a period of three months will be authorized to regain the loss in membership. If, at the end of the three month period, the Chapter has not returned to the minimum membership level, the Deputy Executive Director of NERA, with approval of the National Executive Council, shall issue the written approval ordering the withdrawal of the charter of the Chapter and hence the dissolution of the Chapter. In the event of the dissolution of the Chapter, all Chapter funds will be turned over to NERA.

3.02 MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING. Any member who has their dues paid in full shall be considered as being in good standing.



4.01 REGULAR MEETINGS. There shall be at least one meeting bi-monthly for the transaction of Chapter business. The meeting shall be conducted on a day previously approved by the general membership. A quorum shall be required to conduct business requiring majority vote.
4.02 SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings may be called at any time for the purpose of considering matters, which, by the terms of the By-Laws, require the approval of the Chapter Membership. Said meetings shall be called by written notice, authorized by the President, a majority of the Executive Council or by at least 20% of the membership of the Chapter in good standing.

4.03 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETINGS. Executive Council Meetings shall be called by the President or by at least one-third (1/3) of the Executive Council serving for the purpose of considering matters which, by terms of the By-Laws, require action by the Executive Council.

4.04 QUORUM. For Regular meetings, a majority of the Executive Council and any members of the Chapter
with membership in good standing, represented in person, shall constitute a quorum. For Special meetings, a quorum shall constitute any member whose membership is in good standing and officers present.

The order of business at regular meetings of the Chapter shall be as specified in the NERA National Constitution and By-Laws. Such rules and procedures not otherwise provided for in these By-Laws shall be governed by “Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised”.

4.06 VOTING. Voting may be done in person, by mail or e-mail as directed by the Executive Council. Voting may not be done by proxy at any time.




5.01 OFFICERS. The officers of the Chapter shall be a President, one or more Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, Executive Counselor, and such assistants to such officers as the Chapter may deem necessary. All officers will be in good standing, nominated at the October meeting of the Chapter, elected prior to the 15th of December, and sworn in to office at the February meeting of the Chapter. Terms of all officers will be for a period of two years. Officers may succeed themselves.

5.02 REQUIREMENTS. Members nominated for election to any Executive Council office must be a member in good standing in the Chapter for two (2) years.

5.03 VACANCY OF OFFICE. Any officer may be removed at any meeting of the Chapter by the affirmative vote of the majority of the members of the Executive Council, with or without cause, and any vacancy in any office may be filled by appointment of the President and confirmed by the Executive Council. Any officer may resign at any time by submitting a written resignation to the Executive Council. Membership termination shall simultaneously constitute removal from any office, appointed or elected.

(a) If, for any reason, the office of President becomes vacant, the vice-president will immediately become President for the balance of the present term.
(b) If, for any reason, any Executive Council Office other than President becomes vacant, the President, with the approval of the Executive Council, shall appoint an individual to complete the unexpired term.
(c) The order of succession to the office of President is as follows:
Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Counselor.
(d) The individual assuming the office of the President will perform the duties of that office for the balance of the unexpired term, and shall, with the approval of the remaining members of the Executive Council, make all necessary appointments to fill the remaining vacancies.

The respective officers of the Chapter shall have such power and duties as are from time to time prescribed by the membership of the Chapter including without limitation, the following:
(a) The President shall preside at all regular, special and Executive Council meetings. The President shall preserve order, enforce the rules of the Chapter, appoint all committees, fill all vacancies of a temporary nature of all committees in accordance with section 7.02 of these bylaws, and be and ex-officio member of all committees, permanent or temporary. The President shall execute amendments to these By-Laws, may vote to break a tie and will be the unofficial liaison between the Chapter and military;
(b) The Vice President shall, in the absence or the disability of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of such office and other duties assigned by the Chapter. In the case of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice President shall discharge the duties and responsibilities of the office until the next annual elections of officers of the Chapter. The Vice President shall be chairman of the Membership Committee and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to the office by the President;
(c) The Secretary shall maintain a record of all meetings. The Secretary shall maintain a membership list, maintain files of all incoming and outgoing correspondence and be responsible for initiating correspondence as directed by the President or Executive Council. The Secretary shall prepare a report for each regular meeting;
(d) The Treasurer shall be responsible for Chapter funds and securities and for keeping full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements in the Chapter books of accounts kept for such purposes. The Treasurer shall sign all checks and pay all bills over $10.00 with checks authorized by the President and with approval of the Chapter membership, or with disclosure to the membership, as appropriate. The Treasurer shall make a report at each meeting of the financial condition of the Chapter.
(e) The Executive Counselor shall coordinate the activities with, and serve as liaison with, the State Membership Director for Chapter communications and activities and serve as official Chapter Representative to Sea Service Reserve Centers in the Chapter’s membership drawing area. The Executive Counselor shall report to the Chapter bi-monthly and to the State Membership Director no less than quarterly on matters of concern at the Reserve Training Centers, and provide Reserve Training Centers with information on NERA and Chapter activities and issues.



6.01 MEMBERS. The Executive Council shall include the President, any elected Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and Executive Counselor, plus other members that the President may designate.

6.02 PURPOSE. The Executive Council shall act to promote and devise means and methods for the development, advancement, and welfare of the Chapter’s individual members and the Chapter.



7.01 COMMITTEES. There shall be the following committees appointed by the President, as required: financial, audit, membership, laws, resolutions, recreation, awards, and other such committees as the Executive Council deems necessary.

7.02 MEMBERS. Each member of a committee shall be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Executive Council.

7.03 TERM. Each member of a committee shall continue as such until the next annual election of the Executive Council and until their successor is appointed, unless the committee shall be sooner terminated, or unless such member shall be removed from such committee, or unless such member shall cease to quality as a member thereof.

7.04 CHAIRMAN. The President with the approval of the Executive Council shall appoint one member of each committee as chairman.

7.05 VACANCIES. Vacancies in the membership of any committee may be filled by appointments made in the same manner as provided in the case of the original appointments.

7.06 QUORUM. A majority of the whole committee shall constitute a quorum and the act of a majority of the members present at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the committees.



Annual dues shall be determined by the National Association payable on the anniversary date of membership.



This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by having the change submitted in writing and voted upon by the membership. Voting shall take place at the meeting following submission. Three-fourths (3/4) of the members present must vote in the affirmation to have the change excepted.

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